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Gunpowder Green Tea 3505
  • Gunpowder Green Tea 3505
  • Gunpowder Green Tea 3505

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Gunpowder Green Tea 3505


Gunpowder tea is named for its round, smooth and pearl-like appearance. After brewed, the tea features thick fragrant and rich flavor. It is fresh and mellow in taste and can be brewed for several times.
Gunpowder tea is one kind of round roasted green tea, which is also named as Ping roasted green tea. Gunpowder tea is well regarded as green pearl.
Gunpowder Series: 3505AAA, 3505AA, 3505A, 3505B, 3505C, 8622, 9175, 9275, 9375, 9475, 9575, 9675 and so on.

Minimum Order: 10 Tons
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