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Bee Royal Jelly
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Bee Royal Jelly


Royal Jelly
10HDA: 1.8 min
EU Standard

Minimum Order: 100 Kilograms
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Royal jelly is the paste material secreted from the tongue glands and mandibular glands of worker bees. Worker bees intake nutrients from naturally raised pollen and nectar to secrete royal jelly.

10HDA: 1.8 min
EU Standard
Packing: 1kg/jar; 10kgs/ctn

Clinical trials have proved that royal jelly can:
1. Enhance the immune power
2. Prevent from cancer
3. Be anti-aging
4. Strengthen the brain and promote mentality
5. Promote growth and development
6. Treat inflammation and be capable of antisepsis
7. Protect livers
8. Strengthen sexual function
9. Beautify & moisturize skin

Royal jelly also has the effects of anti-radiation, improving tissue generation, enhancing hematopoietic function, regulating blood pressure, preventing arteriosclerosis, sobering up, etc.

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