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Green Tea Polyphenols 95%
  • Green Tea Polyphenols 95%

Green Tea Polyphenols 95%


Tea polyphenols is a kind of polyphenols compound extracted from green tea. Catechin, the main component, features excellent anti-oxidation of 3-9 times higher than that of VE, BHA & BHT.
Tea polyphenols is widely applied in areas of medical, healthy food, food and commodities of daily use, etc.
Its main functions include anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, anti-senescence, lowering blood-lipid & blood sugar & blood pressure, preventing cardiovascular disease, inhibiting bacteria, eliminating peculiar smell, etc.

Minimum Order: 200 Kilograms
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Physical Property: powder in green or light yellow; easily dissolving in water or in ethanol.
Stability: stable in PH 4-8; easily degenerative if meeting strong acid, strong alkali, sunshine, overheating, or transition metal materials.
Safety: innocuous with medicine level of 95% above.
Storage: keep in dry, clean, cool, and ventilating place.
Shelf Time: two years of quality guarantee term under sealed condition with qualified storing and transporting in complete package.

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