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Tea Polyphenols GTPS
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Tea Polyphenols GTPS


Tea polyphenols is a kind of natural compound substance extracted from tea and is made up of flavones, flavonols and glycosides, etc. Among them, Catechin (belonging to flavonols) is the most important, for it takes up 60-80% in total polyphenols. Catechins is made up of GEC, D, L-C, EC, EGCG, GCG, ECG and so on. Catechins, with rich epigallocatechin gallate, is not easy to have such changes as oxidation, polymerization and contraction, so it has the ability to prevent oxidation and remove free radicals.

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Physical State: the powder melts easily in water and alcohol with three colors – pale green, pale yellow and brown
Stability: stable in PH4-8. It will go bad if stored in a shining, warm place and used with strong base, strong acid and transition metal.
Safety: innocuous with medicine level of 95%
Storage: keep in a cold, dry and shady place for two years

1. It can be applied in greasy, fried and baked foods and different meats as a kind of food additive to get rid of poisonous free radicals with the function of oxidation resistance.
2. It can be used in tea drinks to make hygienically weight-reducing teas.
3. It can be used in healthy foods to get rid of poisonous free radicals, to postpone senility and to strengthen the immunity from disease.
4. It can be used in the world of cosmetic to reduce melanin deposit, fleck and age pigment, and to care about skin as an ultraviolet filter. At the same time, it can prevent oxidizing reaction when oil materials and air meet together.
5. It can be used in the world of medicine to prevent cardiovascular disease, to reduce the incidence of blood pressure; it also can fight against cancers, virus and radicalization as well as remove the oral peculiar smell to protect the mouth.

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