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Tea Saponin Powder TSP
  • Tea Saponin Powder TSP
  • Tea Saponin Powder TSP

Tea Saponin Powder TSP


Tea saponin is one kind of glycoside compound extracted from camellia tea seeds. It is a natural nonionic surfactant in biologic characters.

Minimum Order: 200 Kilograms
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Tea saponin is not only effective in decontamination, foaming, emulsification, decentralization and saturation, but also can diminish inflammation, ease pain and resist epiphyte.
It is widely used in food, drink, chemical, medicine, pesticide, rubber, film, building materials, extinguished materials, hair care products, etc. Therefore tea saponin is also named as surfactant, detergent, pesticide, foaming agent and antiabrasive agent.

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